I have recently returned from Lunen, where the three-day wildlife photography festival of the international and highly acclaimed Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen, or GDT as it is better known, was held.

Apart from seeing the truly spectacular work of some of the world's finest nature photographers and having the pleasure of meeting them, I was fortunate enough to be honoured with the Fritz Steiniger Prize for my "Contribution to Wildlife and Nature Photography".


After the success of 'MicroMagic' at the Montier Festival in France during 2012 which attracted 50,000 visitors, all the prints have been returned to my home in England where they can be viewed by special arrangement. Contact email

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Recently rather than devoting my time to high-speed photography, I have been escaping 'civilisation' into the mini-paradise of my enchanting eight acre Sussex wood. Here I am trying to restore the diversity of plant and animal life after the ravages of deer. My camera also plays its part!
fallen tree